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Link Spam Reporting

Like anyone operating a site that allows user comments, this blog is subject to spam entries. These are context-free blurbs that contain links to other sites for the purpose of inflating search ranking. Welcome to the world of “Search Engine Optimization”. Luckily, there’s a WordPress plug-in called Akismet that does an excellent job of identifying junk and putting it into quarantine.

These comments are likely being posted using compromised computers and without the explicit knowledge of the owner of the promoted site. When I find one that appears to be connected to a legitimate business (as opposed to the usual porn, plagiarism, and gambling sites), I’ve started contacting the site — if possible — to make sure they’re aware of what’s being done on their behalf. I also intend to update this post to keep track of any progress I make in my attempts at education. (I debated with myself about quietly ignoring them and thereby denying them extra attention, but decided I’d rather make their existence public.) Signs of reform or intransigence will be noted.

  • 2010.12.13 – UGG is an Australian boot seller that seems to attract two kinds of vermin: producers of counterfeit products and ‘affiliates’. The spammed domain is adirondacktallugg (com). I’ve contacted them in case they’re a legitimate reseller with an affiliate problem. Checking their site doesn’t make me optimistic, however; too many of the pages are templates with no content.
  • 2010.12.15 – A Wikipedia link to someone named Harold Perrineau. (OK, that’s weird.)
  • 2010.12.15 – An unofficial site, nominally set up to discuss Sears Cards Credit Cards: searscardcomm (com). There’s no contact information on the site.
  • 2010.12.16 – A blog about motorcycle fairings called cheap-motorcycle-farings (net). Yes, they spelled their domain name wrong.
  • 2010.12.23 – Another from the motorcycle people, but this time it’s a different domain, with improved spelling: motorcycle-fairings (info).
  • 2010.12.28 – A hosting company, possibly fake considering that many of its links lead to internet marketing garbage: imcashsaver (com).
  • 2010.12.28 – A seller of — let’s assume counterfeit — Nike running shoes: airmaxshoesmart (com).
  • 2010.12.28 – A site promoting a flash game: crush-the-castle (com).
  • 2010.12.29 – Green Bay Packer jerseys: packerjerseyshop (com).

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WordPress for iOS

This is being created using a WordPress application designed specifically for the iPad.
The main benefit seems to be the ability to store drafts locally. Less useful is the
text editor that doesn’t wrap lines and the viewer that doesn’t interpret HTML.

On the other hand, I’ve only been using it for five minutes…we’ll see how it goes.

(And now I’ve tried saving and re-editing a draft.)


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A Transparent Interface

I bought an iPad a few days ago.  Yes, it’s sleek and hot and hyped, but mostly it’s easy.

Apple has always been good about providing an intuitive user interface and this time they’ve gone a step farther.  The learning curve here is so gentle that the idea of a user interface almost disappears.  It’s like discussing the user interface of a pot handle; generally, you see it and immediately do what’s necessary to get the effect you need.

As I collect information on how to write applications for the iPad, I see suggestions about making the user’s view of those apps match the iPad style.  It’s an important point.  This isn’t a Mac and it isn’t an iPhone either.  It’s a unique device that deserves its own special interface style for a program that runs on it — a very easy one.

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Something Has To Be First

The intent of this site is to present analysis of various topics within the business and practice of software development.  My interests tend toward the technical rather than the theoretical except for those times when the promotion of buzzwords interferes with the use of technology.

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